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DEIMLER "Immortalized" CD

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DEIMLER "Immortalized" CD (Awakening Records 2023)


DEIMLER was originally created in 1998 and ceased activity in 2001 without any albums or professional recordings. Until 2018, Pako Deimler revived DEIMLER from the ashes with a sound based on the classic Finnish and Swedish death metal of the early 90s. Their acclaimed debut EP "Zero One" was released in 2020 via Awakening Records, and a year later DEIMLER signed to the mighty label XTREEM MUSIC and released their first full-length album "A Thousand Suns".

Now, DEIMLER returns with its highly anticipated second full-length album, IMMORTALIZED, featuring 10 tracks in the purest DEIMLER style, plus three intro-environmental tracks. The new album was created between October 2021 and June 2022 and is based on the concept of "Alien the 8th Passenger", focusing on the figure of its protagonist Ellen Ripley, and its antagonist the Xenomorph. Musically, it's still the same old-school death metal that DEIMLER is so passionate about, but the more intricate and rotten new material won't leave you indifferent!