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DECONSECRATION "Demo" Digisleeve Mini CD

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DECONSECRATION "Demo" Digisleeve Mini CD (Chaos Records 2020)

Chaos Records proudly presents the debut demo of US horde Deconsecration, a four-track aural expulsion of doom infused Death Metal scorched straight from a cursed grave. Comprised of current and ex-members of groups such as Foul, Hideous Creep and Wilt, the Seattle established collective delivers a tome of impending darkness and distress in the form of heavyweight obscure riffing, either through slow imposing guitar landscapes or rapid discharges of hostility and raging aggression. There is a dense, unhallowed atmosphere permeating the air as Deconsecration lays its gauntlet with an organic approach to sound, (de)constructing dynamics under an authentic, vibrant production which offers the erupting rhythmic section an electrifying energy and intensity. Surrounding the six-string assault, a gargantuan growling voice enters the chamber with a menace and spite summoned from the netherworld granting these songs an extra aura of spectral bleakness.

Released on CD, behold a procession of death and oblivion, a penetrating piece which shall feast all devotees of (un)pure Death Metal might.

Recorded at Killroom Studio by Jeffrey McNultry during February 2020. Mastered by Stephanne Loza Artwork by Moises Pimentel. Layout by Dan Fried.