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DEATHSIEGE "Throne Of Heresy" LP

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DEATHSIEGE "Throne Of Heresy" LP (Everlasting Spew Records 2022)

180gm Coloured "Triumph" Vinyl.

Blasphemic furious trio DEATHSIEGE unleash their first full length 'Throne of Heresy' after two blistering demos. Expect nothing less than a whirlwind of savageries and unrelenting iconoclastic fury!

Deathsiege was formed in 2019 by drummer and main songwriter A.M. (Har, Kever, and more) in the guts of a filthy rehearsal room in Tel Aviv Hell. Shortly thereafter joined by vocalist and guitarist J.S. (Svpremacist), the duo recorded its debut demo Cannibalistic Patricide, a ferocious and almost painful sounding letter of intent. With its spartan production tactics serving a fully formed sonic idea, Deathsiege soon recorded a second demo, Unworthy Adversary, released on casette by Dawnbreed Records and showcasing an honest brutality colored by a hefty dose of panic and urgency. Wildly treading the line between American death metal and an almost Marduk like approach to songwriting, this insane release soon garnered much attention throughout the underground, culminating with the band signing to Everlasting Spew records for the release of its upcoming debut album, Throne of Heresy. Joined this time around by new main guitarist T.D., the now international band unleashes all hell on this new LP, featuring longer songs and fearful lyrics, further exploring the band's established theme of pitch black nihilistic satanity

For fans of Perdition Temple, Concrete Winds, Degial, Angelcorpse.