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DEAD CHASM "Dead Chasm" Mini CD

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DEAD CHASM "Dead Chasm" MIni CD (FDA Records 2022)

We're excited to announce North-Italian Death/Doom trio DEAD CHASM are now a part of the FDA Records label roster. The band was formed back in 2020 by Lorenza (guitar/vokillz), Gigi (bass) and Dave (drums) to create some morbid and putrefied tunes. Early 2021 they entered the ADSR DECIBEL studio and recorded 4 catchy, ear-crawling rotten songs, including "Slumber" a cover version by old Swedish veterans NIRVANA 2002 . Highly recommended for fans of KRYPTS, CRUCIAMENTUM, DISMA etc.

Responsible for the artwork is the Spanish artist César Valladares Fernández (Krisiun, Nominon, Necropsy, Decapitated Christ).