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CONVULSE "Resuscitation Of Evilness" 7" EP

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CONVULSE "Resuscitation Of Evilness" 7" EP (Doomentia Records 2024)

  • Black and red vinyl
  • Limited to 250 copies each version
  • 4-pages insert
  • Taken from original reels


FUNEBRE’s Cranial Torment, ABHORRENCE’s Vulgar Necrolatry, DEMIGOD’s Unholy Domain and CONVULSE’s Resuscitation Of Evilness. Those is the very foundation, all committed to tape in small local studios with clueless sound engineers and shoestring budgets, the whole Finnish death-metal movement was built upon, the latter getting the DOOMENTIA treatment it truly deserves.

CONVULSE only proper demo was recorded in between November 21st and 23rd 1990 by Jani Vitanen, who would two decades later make a name for himself by collaborating with Finland’s number one weirdos CIRCLE on multiple albums. It just didn’t stand the test of time but remains, to this day, one of the country best death metal demo ever. Contrary to their peers, who often had a vision but always the means to fully turn it into a reality, the band was simply a step above the rest, the four tracks included there already showcasing some impressive musicianship and strong personality.

If back in 1988 things got kickstarted in a more speed/thrash metal vein as S.D.S., two years later this quartet based in Nokia had fully embrace the death metal aesthetics while putting their own stamp on it with a peculiar sense of gloom. You can still feel their thrash roots yet the above-average solo work and bizarre and morbid sense of melody were already quite unique.

While the version included as a bonus on the 2018 SVART reissue of their debut album was remastered, this one is the real thing, taken from the original reels. Besides faithfully the original jacket of the tape version, this reissue will be available with jackets in two different colours. So here’s once again our chance to grab a piece of Finnish death metal history!