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CONTAGION "Subconscious Projection / Seclusion" Double LP

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CONTAGION "Subconscious Projection / Seclusion" Double LP (Extremely Rotten Productions 2021)

Black Vinyl.

Extremely Rotten Productions are proud to present the long overdue compilation of both demos from Chicago based death metal band CONTAGION for the first time on vinyl, compiling the 1991 “Subconscious Projection” demo and the 1992 “Seclusion” demo.

Released as 2 LP’s and housed in trifold cover with a collage on the inside with lots of old photos and flyers.

Comes with 2 inserts and a trip down memory lane of the band written by Mike Perun of CIANIDE.

Remastered for this release by Lasse at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen in February 2021.