At War with False Noise

COFFIN MULCH "Spectral Intercession" Gatefold LP

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COFFIN MULCH "Spectral Intercession" Gatefold LP (At War with False Noise 2023)

Blue and Green Pinwheel Vinyl with Pink Splatter.

Finally, Coffin Mulch’s debut full-length is here! Heavier, faster, more aggressive and more focussed than Septic Funeral, we’re really chuffed with how this came out!

Drawing influence from early 90s Swedish death metal but with a raw hardcore edge, this is a bit more nuanced and well-rounded than our last record but will hopefully still smash you over the head repeatedly with a spiked fist!

Recorded by Tommy Duffin at 16 Ohm in Glasgow once again, and mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound, this is a LOUD, in yer face record that takes no prisoners! Art by the master of death metal art, Brad Moore, with additional art by the incomparable Wes Brown.

We’re really proud of how this turned out, and it’s an entirely DIY endeavour. When you buy this, every element of it has passed through our hands at some point, and our blood, swear, tears (but mainly day job wages) have paid for it! No preorder bullshit, you get your record when it’s ready to go!