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CLAIRVOYANCE "Threshold Of Nothingness" CD

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CLAIRVOYANCE "Threshold Of Nothingness" CD (Blood Harvest Records 2022)

Hailing from Warsaw City, Clairvoyance was formed in late 2019 with the idea to embody a passion for ’90s extreme metal – predominantly death metal, as one might guess – and maybe spark some interest in OSDM in the local underground scene. And they managed to spark interest beyond their local scene with the release of their self-titled debut demo in 2020, evincing a dark ‘n’ disgusting sound that, uniquely, was lucidly played. Not easily pigeonholed, in just 11 minutes did CLAIRVOYANCE show massive potential.

And now it blooms with the 24-minute mini-album Threshold of Nothingness. Kicking right into gear, CLAIRVOYANCE waste no time in drawing the listener down into a slipstream of dread frequencies and attacking-yet-angular rhythms, a congealing mass of slimy riffs and mind-melted solos. Yet again, the quintet’s execution is peerless, locating that elusive balance between deadly precision and delirious mania. The songwriting may surge and sway, ever twisting through catacombs of turn-of-the-’90s splendor, but their breakdowns are literal BEATDOWNS that proudly meld old NYDM with contemporaneous Finnish filth. All told, Threshold of Nothingness evinces a freshness of approach by imaginatively recasting classic archetypes and carrying it forward with conviction.

Mark the CLAIRVOYANCE name now, and enter their Threshold of Nothingness or forever pose!