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BÜTCHER "666 Goats Carry My Chariot" Gatefold LP

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BÜTCHER "666 Goats Carry My Chariot" Gatefold LP (Osmose Productions 2022)

Metal in the sense of the absolute riffing madness that ruled both the airwaves and the underground tapetrading scene during the late 70's, through the genre-defining 80's, and well into the early 90's. BÜTCHER's unique blend of metal music is certainly rooted in both German and US Speed Metal, but owes equally as much to proto-metal, hardrock, South-American and Australian black/thrash, NWOBHM both obscure and world dominating, and the Scandinavian cult from the early 90's. To put it simply: BÜTCHER operates in a spectrum influenced by the twin lead masters from the UK – yet derives as much from the legacy of Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil. These maniacs thrive on the combination of the musical and artistical significances we have come to adore, and deliver a furious frenzy of speed, black & heavy metal – all brewed in a cauldron of analog & vintage recording material. An acquired taste in these modern times then, but surely to be savoured by the legion of metal maniacs that have an affection for everything that made the older eras of heavy music so magical in the first place.

Reprint, gatefold cover 350g, 140g oxblood marble vinyl (500 copies), 220g printed innersleeve, all assembled in PVC overbag.