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BARCODE "Ahead Of The Game" CD

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BARCODE "Ahead Of The Game" CD (Scarlet Records 2006)

Fifth album from Denmark's BARCODE, one of Europe's most dependable and convincing hardcore acts. With a new lineup and a new label, BARCODE's renewed energy explodes out of this album. Features guitarist Dr. J aka Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Allhelluja) and a special guest appearance by Sick Of It All's Lou Koller.


1. Fuck What You Say
2. All Out War 
3. Pussy Galore 
4. United Underground
5. Minor Offence 
6. Lockdown 
7. Beat Around The Bush
8. Emonation
9. Course Of Action 
10. A Wider Shade Of Pain
11. Glassjaw 
12. Built To Destroy
13. Ahead Of The Game