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AWE/ VACANTFIELD/ END "Moerae" Double LP (III Damnation Productions 2015)

Double-gatefold-LP, black vinyl, side-D laser engraved, REGULAR VERSION, 250 copies.

On 2014, three Greek black metal bands have joined under a common cause; to create not just a split recording that conveys comradeship, but also a conceptual album, unified by the idea of the Three Fates (Moerae) of Greek Mythology (Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos).

"Moerae" are the incarnations of destiny. These three archetypal entities coexist as one and at the same time as separate rulers of mortality. Creating, spinning, disposing and cutting the thread of life, they hold the balance into the natural circle of eternal laws. 50 minutes of music divided in three songs, one from each band, one for each Fate. "Moerae" features black metal that is multidimensional, deep and forward-thinking.