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APPARITION "Granular Transformation" Mini CD

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APPARITION "Granular Transformation" Mini CD (Chaos Records 2022)

CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present an expanded reissue of the cult EP Granular Transformation from America’s APPARITION on CD format.

APPARITION began crafting their majestic and exploratory blend of doom and progressive death metal in Reseda, California in 2018 with drummer/vocalist Andrew Morgan and guitarist Miles McIntosh. They released the Subarachnoid Space demo with the help of Criminalized in late 2019. After some lineup changes early on, the band was joined by Andrew Solis (Despise You) on guitar and Taylor Young on bass. In 2020 came the two-song Granular Transformation EP, which displayed the rotten fruit that was beginning to blossom. A year later came APPARITION’s debut album, Feel, which garnered widespread acclaim.

But, for however acclaimed that debut full-length was, APPARITION truly had their sound nailed early on, as evidenced by the previously vinyl-only Granular Transformation and the digital-only Subarachnoid Space. Now, both recordings are joined together onto one CD to haunt and taunt listeners both new and old. Clocking in at 25 minutes and featuring all five songs, this expanded edition of Granular Transformation exists as its own slimy soundworld: malodorous death metal majesty both reverently traditional and unsettlingly weird. Buy APPARITION in their rawest state or forever pose.