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AFGRUND "The Age Of Dumb" CD

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AFGRUND "The Age Of Dumb" CD (Hammerheart Records 2012)

The world lost a leading light in the world of grindcore in 2004 when Mieszko Talarczyk sadly died in the horrific tsunami in Thailand.

Since that time, many have tried to take Nasum's place as the band that helped to keep the genre's sails filled with bile-filled air.

The likes of Rotten Sound and Phobia upped their game, stepping forward to grab the genre by the throat, but the likes of Afgrund, whose 3rd full length is currently smashing our ear drums into oblivion as we type these very words, also crawled out of the woodwork to keep the quality grind churning out of speakers throughout the world.

Boasting a crushingly bass-filled production that suits the music down to the ground, AFGRUND certainly know how to grind your mind.

They blast, they scream, they batter and crush all those who're brave enough to dare to stand close to a speaker when they're playing. 'The Age of Dumb' contains everything you could ask for - short, to the point crust-coated songs that pound the listener into submission, leaving you just hungry enough to want to press play once again for another aural battering literally seconds after the album has played through in its entirety. If angry sensory annihilators are your idea of musical heaven, you're definitely in for a treat here. The wall of sound guitars act like a battalion of infantry rolling into your face, howitzer's blazing and smoke billowing, with the added attack of the drum barrage being sure to leave no tooth unbroken for that beautiful 'grind' smile you've always dreamt of.

Fans of the much-missed Nasum will undoubted (and understandably) cream themselves after hearing these guys, but they're also a no-brainer for the old school Napalm Death/Extreme Noise Terror fanatics out there. Thrilling, brutal and most importantly essential for that gaping hole in any grind freaks collection!