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PARADOX "Heresy" CD (Awakening Records 2023)


Since 1981, singer/guitarist CHARLY STEINHAUER and drummer AXEL BLAHA have been active in various formations in Würzburg, Lower Franconia. In the beginning, however, the group names and other members are constantly changing, so it is only in February 1986 that you can speak of a real band and rename yourself to PARADOX.

At the beginning of 1989, PARADOX went back to the studio to record their 2nd album "HERESY" with HARRIS JOHNS (KREATOR/SODOM). Meanwhile, they split up with MARKUS SPYTH, for whom the temporary studio guitarist DIETER ROTH plays the solo guitars. When "HERESY" appeared in November 1989 and also received excellent reviews, PARADOX only consisted of the two founding members CHARLY STEINHAUER and AXEL BLAHA.

Awakening Records is proud to be licensed by PARADOX to officially reissue this album. The 16-page booklet features lyrics, photos, and exclusive liner notes by CHARLY STEINHAUER. A must-have for your collection!