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OPPOSITION PARTY "Tales To Horrify" Gatefold 7" EP

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Singapore’s longest living Thrashpunkers OPPOSITION PARTY returns with a four-track EP “Tales To Horrify”, an attest to the unstoppable force they have notoriously been known for.

Abrasive like dragging concrete across the floor, “Tales To Horrify” annihilate through like a wild flamethrower with Francis Frightful’s unmistakable throaty barks; OPPOSITION PARTY are still without doubt the absolute kings of raw, unadulterated Punk/Thrash. Featuring Simon Wizen of Swedish Black Metallers Valkyrja on guest guitar solo on ‘Living Dead Island’.

A limitation of 300 copies will be available for the “Tales To Horrify” 7” EP with the following denominations:

100 copies on Swamp Green Vinyl (Pulverised exclusive)
100 copies on Transparent Red Vinyl (Cudgel exclusive)
100 copies on Black Vinyl


1. Ancient Horror
2. Evil Paradise

1. Living Dead Island (Zombie II)
2. Parasitical