VOMIT RITUAL "Callous" Quotes

VOMIT RITUAL "Callous" Quotes

"Wild, possessed and truly evil!" - Crossfire Metal (DE), 8.5/10

"Like a five-ton pile driver!" - Apocalyptic Rites (PL)

"Barbarous!" - Metal Temple (INT), 8/10

"Evil doomsday noise!" - Metalfactory (CH)

mells of sulfur and sounds like a call to the demon and his legions." - Thrashocore.com (FR) 

"A a good mixture of Death and Black!" - Time For Metal (DE)

"Vomit Ritual are kind of captivating!" - Zephyrs Odem (DE)

"For lovers of the most barbaric fringe of Death/Black!" - All Around Metal (IT), 4/5

"A swirling death spell born from the combination of different sulfur substances." - Metalitalia.com (IT)

"Vomit Ritual are already setting the bar high with their first album, delivering a perfect balance between death and black metal." - Soilchronicles (FR), 8.5/10

"This album leaves a feeling of accomplishment. Nothing was missing." - The Old Coffin Spirit (BR) 

"Vomit Ritual have unleashed a bestial black/death triumph!" - My Revelations (DE), 12/15

ffective, greasy, energetic and hooking riffs, topped by morbid howlings!" - Acta Infernalis (FR), 90/100

"There’s a sinister undertone to Vomit Ritual, as if there’s a bit of spiritual foulplay present." - Invisible Oranges (US)

"Intensely blasphemous!" - Grizzly Butts (US)

"They have a great sense of passion and it shines through in their music." - Ave Noctum (UK)

"Wonderful brutal stuff with a powerful production!" - Metal Only (DE), 9.5/10

"Dark death indeed. Devastating!" - GBHBL.com (UK)

"Occult black-death metal with a captivating atmosphere!" - Deadly Storm (CZ)

"Intensely fast and stormy riffing! The darkness envelops everything!" - Metalhead (IT), 8/10

"Overall, a crushing effort with a lot of potential for future releases to be monoliths of sonic destruction." - Nattskog (UK)

"It's gaining more and more weight with each listen." - Metalbrothers (ES)

"Brutal and savage blackend death metal!" - Violent Demise (CA)

"Dark and heavy!" - Occult Black Metal Zine (US), 8/10

"The Death Metal influence is obvious, but their sound is also nicely tinged with Black Metal. Recommended!" - Metal Alliance (CH)