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UERBEROS "Stand Over Your Grave" CD

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UERBEROS "Stand Over Your Grave" CD (Godz Ov War Productions 2020)

The Silesian technical death metal outfit Uerberos returns with their sophomore album called 'Stand Over Your Grave' to expand the label’s catalogue with yet another unobvious release to set the scene on fire in June. As much as you could compare the band's debut LP 'Tormented by Faith' to some icons and masterpieces of the genre, this time around these five maniacs do not return to eat its own tail. Quite the contrary, the band relied on their own creativity and originality, delivering their top notch, most mature technical metal of death to date. It features nine tracks of impeccable musicianship, flawless performance and technical finesse, music full of twists and turns, changing tempos, solid rhythm foundations, captivating guitar parts and diversified vocals, all excellently mixed and mastered, thus sounding massive, dense and intense yet organic and natural. Definitely a death metal album worth your while…. and while… and while…