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THY RITES "Inferno Coronation" CD

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THY RITES "Inferno Coronation" CD (AreaDeath Productions 2009)

Spiritually influenced by abominations of the Ancient Ones, Canonical Madness, Religious Debauchery, Horned Sodomy, Hateful Antichristianity, Demonical Fanatism, Divine Blasphemy, Apokalyptic Disgrace and glory of all Legions of Hell!!! Musically Thy Rites hail the Satanic Blackened Death Metal as it meant to be in honour to the old morbid way.

2 Bonus tracks.

Limited to 666 hand numbered copies.

1. Christianicide Onslaught 
2. Bloodshed Visions 
3. Summoning The Abominations Curse
4. Obliteration Of The Holy Scum
5. Thy Infernal Coronation
6. Beasts By Bloodlust
7. Unpurification In Sodomy
8. Summoning The Abominations Curse (Bonus Track)
9. Bloodshed Visions (Bonus Track)