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SABBAT / IMPURITY "Rage And Horrors" CD

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SABBAT / IMPURITY "Rage And Horrors" CD (Fallen-Angels Productions 2019)

"Evil Sessions In To Mega Therion Studio" Recorded and Mixed at Studio To Mega Therion / Contagem-MG in 2019 e.v.
Engineer : Maurício Belial "Akerbeltz"
All songs by Impurity except “Phuneral” by Aamonhammer. Impurity Lirycs by Ram Priest and G.C. HellFire
1. Under The Spell
2. Death Is The Mother of God
3. Satanic Metal Kingdom (2019 Version)
4. Phuneral
5. March to Hell

Sabbat: old tracks (38min) 6. 13 Candles (Taken from "Dwelling" album)
7. Kamikaze Bomber
8. Rage of Mountains
9. Black Metal Horses
10. Nekromantik