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RITES OF DAATH "Doom Spirit Emanation" CD

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RITES OF DAATH "Doom Spirit Emanation" CD (Godz Ov War Productions 2020)

Godz Ov War Productions is more than proud and honoured to announce a true gem on the label's roster - Rites of Daath’s highly anticipated full length titled 'Doom Spirit Savagery'. Following up on the promising debut EP, the band has made a huge leap forward, creating a six-piece, forty-minute-long heavyweight monster of an album and delivering an unparalleled piece of suffocating and overwhelming, obscure, cavernous and abysmal, dissonant and disharmonic, bone-crushing and mind-twisting Metal of Daath. From almost trance-like passages, through groovy, marching, ritualistic fragments, to blasting and ear-blowing onslaught, all immersed in thick and dense, tangibly claustrophobic atmosphere, 'Doom Spirit Emanation' emanates sheer evil you can actually sense… Rites of Daath - synonymous with an unstoppable sonic monstrosity - definitely play in a league of their own now...