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MORBID MESSIAH "Disgorged In The Coffin" Mini CD

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MORBID MESSIAH "Disgorged In The Coffin" Mini CD (Chaos Records 2021)

Hailing from Mexico, MORBID MESSIAH was formed in 2015 by guitarist Roberto Trejo, vocalist José Rivas, and drummer Anubis Sandoval after they moved from Cancún to Guadalajara, Jalisco. Morbid Messiah started to play without a bassist until September 2016, when Guillermo López joined the band.

MORBID MESSIAH’s debut EP, In the Name of True Death Metal, was released in October 2016 by the band independently on CD and in January 2017 by Godz Ov War Productions in a cassette tape edition limited to 100 copies. Their debut album, Demoniac Paroxysm, was recorded on April 2018 at MAT Studio (as the first release) and released by Memento Mori on CD and by Unholy Prophecies on vinyl in two different colors.

MORBID MESSIAH played in the first edition of Total Death Over Mexico City alongside Dead Congregation, Atomicide, Evil Priest, Of Feather And Bone, Antebellum 666, Infernal Conjuration, and Ascended Dead.

Anubis Sandoval left the band in 2018 due to personal differences. Saúl Anzaldo joined the band as an official member on March 2019.

Demoniac Paroxysm was released for the very first time on cassette in January 2021 by Goatthrone Records and a CD digipack reissue by Ablaze Productions with extra live songs and re-mastered music. In the Name of True Death Metal is in progress to be re-released on cassette by Life After Death Productions.

About MORBID MESSIAH’s forthcoming Disgorged in the Coffin, Trejo says, “This one will be heavier, deeper, and will contain more sickness and madness than the other recordings. It will contain six songs, each one with a lot of meaning for MORBID MESSIAH and a very raw production in artwork and music engineering.”

Indeed, Trejo is true to his word: Disgorged in the Coffin is a gutsfucking slab of sick-sick-sick, maddening DEATH METAL mania. Pure and proud, this is Metal of Death for the most maniacal of maniacs, by the most maniacal of maniacs; MORBID MESSIAH, if anything, have gotten filthier and more barbaric as time goes on. No “progression” here, only devolution – become Disgorged in the Coffin!