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MISÞYRMING "Með Hamri" Digipak CD

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MISÞYRMING "Með Hamri" Digipak CD (Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2022)

4 panels digipak, 16 pages booklet.

By their hammer let none be saved – Misþyrming return to lay down the law. Með hamri is the sound of the iron heel of Black Metal trampling the face of musical modernity.

Með hamri is deeply saturated with the vibrantly alive energy that Misþyrming capture so effectively on stage. The drums sound organic and powerful, the guitar distortion has a vicious bite, and D.G.’s vocals are as brutal and evocative as ever. The underlying spirit is one of action. There is melancholy, bitterness, and filth, but one of the album’s foremost characteristics is its relentless surge of determination. Never before have Misþyrming sounded livelier and more confrontational.