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KOLDBORN "First Enslavement" CD

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KOLDBORN "First Enslavement" CD (Diehard Music 2002)
Koldborn's debut album really have it all; brutality, melody, groove and intelligence.

"...monstrous chugging riffs, melodic solos and a mixture of guttural male and operic female vocals" 7/10 Powerplay (UK).

Produced by Jacob Bredal, featuring Heinz of Danish thrash sensation Hatesphere.


1. Of Sins Sublime 
2. Wicked Arise Divine 
3. Blessed By Beyond 
4. In Breathless Sighs 
5. All Bowing Heads Roll 
6. Vague Cries Of Unborn Lives 
7. Demonride 
8. Sunbroken
9. Altar Of Your Fate 
10. The Embrace Of Thanatos