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DISMA "Towards The Megalith" Digipak CD

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DISMA "Towards The Megalith" Digipak CD (Doomentia Records 2023)

  • Total run of 500 copies
  • Four-panel digipack
  • Lyrics booklet
  • Artwork booklet
Rarely has a debut album been so eagerly expected… Of course, right off the bat, DISMA's stellar line-up and self-proclaimed mission to immerge death metal in the darkest pits possible had understandably generated interest from a once moribund scene now on the rise again. But when Towards The Megalith dropped on both Profound Lore and Doomentia in June/July 2011, the result didn’t just meet those expectations; it smashed them into pieces and morbidly laughed while the world burned.
Too many people have the tendency to call the flavour of the day an instant classic, only to realize sometimes just months afterwards that said “masterpiece” had sunk without a trace. But over twelve years (and counting) down the line, Towards The Megalith still hovers at 99% of what the death-metal had produced since, trying (and mostly failing) to math its supreme force and epic vibration.
Out of print for too long, DISMA's masterpiece (yep, that’s it, we said it!) is finally available again on CD format in a four-panel digipack and two booklets, as it should be on with long-standing partners Doomentia Records. Hail the beast!