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DISFORTERROR "Impalement And Holocaust Stench" CD

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DISFORTERROR "Impalement And Holocaust Stench" CD (Nuclear War Now! Productions 2008)

On their debut release for Nuclear War Now! Productions Brazilian horde Disforterror offers up a platter of bloody, vile and unmistakably violent death metal. Evoking legendary South American acts such as Expulser and early Krisiun, while never sounding retro, Disforterror is the pure embodiment of complete aural decimation. The low end production of "Impalement And Holocaust Stench" perfectly compliments the terror contained in the songwriting, and will leave the uninitiated beaten and bruised.


1. The Armoured Bestial Black Goat War 
2. Bloodshed 
3. Infernal Blasphemous Attack From Black Wrath 
4. Impalement Of Jesus And Their Followers 
5. Brutality And Orgy 
6. March To The Apocalypse 
7. Possessed By Fire