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CROMLECH "Eschatological Horrors" Gatefold Double LP

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CROMLECH "Eschatological Horrors" Gatefold Double LP (Hells Headbangers Records 2018)

OUT NOW! HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present CROMLECH's Eschatological Horrors on double-LP vinyl for the very first time. Only 111 copies pressed on red vinyl mostly sold through HHR mailorder and 400 copies on traditional black vinyl. Both version have silkscreened artwork on side D.

Comprising 14 tracks across an hour, Eschatological Horrors collects this short-lived Swedish band's entire works. During their short tenure in the early '90s, CROMLECH released two cult demos - Forbidden Tombs of Terror (1991) and Deleterious Eschatological (1993) - that were well circulated among tape traders of the time. And for good reason, too: their iteration of the now-classic Swedeath idiom was a salaciously evil brew. However, CROMLECH recorded two other demos that were never released - one from 1992, the other (their final) from '94 - both of which have been collected here for the first time ever. Highly recommended for Swedish death metal fanatics, and all death metal fanatics in general!