ASCHMICROSA "Incubus Black Metal" CD

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ASCHMICROSA "Incubus Black Metal" CD ( Records 2006)

Doomy chaotic progressive Black Metal from Slovenia, Eastern Europe! Grim 'alternative' Blackened atmosphere, but NOT 'industrial' (since ASCHMICROSA features live human drummer Infernusyl), and also NOT 'gothik dark metal' -- but an entirely new form of Black Metal evolved away from ASCHMICROSA's earlier raw Nordic Black Thrash sound. Describable as 'chaotic' but more controlled than Canada's LUST. Strong Blackened Doom atmosphere like old MORDOR (from Switzerland, formerly on Wild Rags), but with more density and high-calibre arrangement of instruments plus clear sound production. Also describable as 'exotic' but NOT oriental like ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN, since ASCHMICROSA retains a distinctly Eastern European / Slavonic sound especially with deep male vocals that are similar to old MASTERS HAMMER, or old NECROMANTIA! Nineteen (19) songs, each averaging under 4 minutes long, and with some songs (about 6 or 7 of them) featuring hypnotic and ethereal female vocals similar to DIAMANDA GALAS! Overall a turbulent and stormy attack-- and none of the songs last more than 3 or 4 minutes long! All in all, a very intoxicating, delirious, and addictive sound! 5 'Bonus Tracks' feature some 'original' versions without female vocals. SLOVENIJA BLACK METAL CHAOS ATTACK!

1. When I Come 
2. Blood Road 
3. Epidemy 
4. Pentagram 1 
5. Pentagram 666 
6. Intro / The Day After 
7. No Turning Back 
8. My Death 
9. The Angel 
10. Solo 
11. The Splitting 
12. Kill 
13. The Grave 
14. War And Hell 

15. When I Come *[Original Version] 
16. Blood Road *[Original Version] 
17. Epidemy *[Original Version] 
18. Pentagram 1 *[Original Version] 
19. Pentagram 666 *[Original Version]