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ARYADEVA "Kshatra" CD (Nordsturm Productions 2006)

Aryadeva upholds the banner of Balto-Slavic-Vedic Paganism. Indo-European Paganism expressed in Black Metal form. Experimental Pagan/Black Metal featuring Malaysian band members.

1. Intro: 13th AD - The Burning Times
2. Retaliate, Desecrate & Slaughter!
3. Opus I: Into The Void Of Nataraja
4. Opus II: The Infernal Cosmic Dancer
5. Interlude: The Clandestine Of Nature
6. Onslaught Of The Horde Of Bhagavan
7. Amen (RUDRA cover)
8. Outro: Symphony Of Hrvati
9. Retaliate, Desecrate & Slaughter! (Pre-Promo 2006)
10. The Infernal Cosmic Dancer (Instrumental)
11. Invading Horde Of Bhagavan (Demo 2004 - Remixed)