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ANIHILATED "Path To Destruction + Speedwell" CD

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ANIHILATED "Path To Destruction + Speedwell" CD (Areadeath Productions 2009)

Cult act ANIHILATED from UK! One of the UK's first ever Thrash Metal bands back in the early 80's. Re-issue "Path To Destruction" EP and "Speedwell Sessions" and 4 bonus. This dirty, violent thrash metal in his the most disgusting form will satisfy every underground maniac. Bearing of Motorhead, Venom, early Slayer or Carnivore are very audible.


Path To Destruction EP:
1. Innocent Victims
2. Anihilated
3. Thunderflash
4. Shadows of Fear

Speedwell Sessions:
5. 40 Dumb Amimals
6. Ethiopia
7. Thunderflash
8. Inferno

9. Shadows of Fear
10. Thunderflash
11. 40 Dumb Animals 12. Ethiopia
13. Anihilated