New arrival and restock from Floga Records, Vic Records and Godz Ov War Productions!

New arrival and restock from Floga Records, Vic Records and Godz Ov War Productions!

UNCONSECRATED "Reveal Of The Dead" CD (Dark Blasphemies Records)

HELLWITCH "Omnipotent Convocation" CD (Vic Records)

VARATHRON "Walpurgisnacht" CD (Vic Records)

VARATHRON "The Lament Of Gods" CD (Vic Records)

RECIPIENTS OF DEATH "Final Flight & Recipients Of Death" CD (Vic Records)

PARADISE LOST "Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos" CD (Vic Records)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "Iron Tears & Metal Shock" CD (Vic Records)

UTUMNO "Across The Horizon" CD (Vic Records)

MEFISTO "The Megalomania Puzzle" CD (Vic Records)

SACRAMENTUM "Finis Malorum" CD (Vic Records)

INVERTED "Re-Invocation Of The Beast" CD (Vic Records)

GOMORRAH "Reflections Of Inanimate Matter" CD (Vic Records)

BLOT MINE "Porphyrogenesis" CD (Vic Records)

TIAMAT “Sumerian Cry” CD (Vic Records) RESTOCK

OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT “Centuries Of Sorrow” CD (Vic Records) RESTOCK

LORD BELIAL “Wrath Of Belial” CD (Vic Records) RESTOCK

COMECON “Megatrends In Brutality” CD (Vic Records) RESTOCK

HEXORCIST "Evil Reaping Death" Cassette Tape (Godz Ov War Productions)

KADAVEREICH "Radiance Of Doom" CD (Godz Ov War Productions)

MOLUCHTAS "Telos Terminus" CD (Godz Ov War Productions)

SOULCARRION "Infernal Agony" CD (Godz Ov War Productions)

CORRUPTER "Descent Into Madness" CD (Godz Ov War Productions)

BRUTALITY "Exhuming The Noise (The Demos 1987-1991)" Tape Box Set (Floga Records)

SENTENCED 6x Tapes Box Set (Floga Records)

TREBLINKA "Shrine Of The Pentagram" Tape Box Set (Floga Records)

SACRILEGE "My Ghost Malign" 3LP Box Set (Floga Records)

KATAVASIA "Magnus Venator" Gatefold LP (Floga Records)

ECTOPLASMA "White-Eyed Trance" LP (Floga Records)

ERESHKIGAL "The Erevos Arisen" Gatefold LP (Floga Records)

LORD BELIAL "Unholy Crusade" Gatefold LP (Floga Records)

VARATHRON "Stygian Forces Of Scorn" Gatefold Double LP (Floga Records)

MYTHIC "Anthology" Gatefold LP (Floga Records)

PHLEGETHON "Mirage Myth" 3LP (Floga Records)

UTTERTOMB / EVIL SPECTRUM "Split" LP (Floga Records)

THE GATHERING "Downfall - The Early Years" 3LP (Floga Records)

DISASTROUS MURMUR "Skinning Beginning" LP (Floga Records)

GODDEFIED "Inhumation Of Shreds" Gatefold Double LP (Floga Records)

ATROPHY "Chemical Dependency" LP (Floga Records)

VARATHRON "Sarmutius Pegorus" 12" Mini LP (Floga Records)

ROTTING CHRIST "Promo 1995" 12" Gatefold Mini LP (Floga Records)

THOU ART LORD "Eosforos" Gatefold LP (Floga Records)

LIMBONIC ART "Moon In The Scorpio" Gatefold Double LP (Floga Records)

ASPHYX "Abomination Echoes" Digibook Double CD (Floga Records)

ERESHKIGAL "The Erevos Arisen" CD (Floga Records)

MYTHIC "Anthology" CD (Floga Records)

NUCLEAR DEATH "The Planet Cachexial" CD (Floga Records)

DISASTROUS MURMUR "Skinning Beginning" CD (Floga Records)

SODOM "Demonized" CD (Floga Records)

COMECON "Converging Conspiracies" CD (Floga Records)

LORD BELIAL "Angelgrinder" Digipak CD (Floga Records)

LORD BELIAL "Unholy Crusade" Digipak CD (Floga Records)

LORD BELIAL "Kiss The Goat" Digipak CD (Floga Records)

LORD BELIAL "Enter The Moonlight Gate" Digipak CD (Floga Records)